Like most of my neighbors, I support investing in transit to alleviate traffic congestion. When the Sound Transit 3 proposal was passed by a majority of voters last year, it was because so many of us share in this frustration - we want to spend more time at work and at home with our families and less time sitting in traffic.

But many were shocked at how much our car tabs went up this year. Part of the problem is an unfair formula that values our used cars at more than their actual value. The major problem is that Sound Transit misled voters about the cost to the average car owner.

We were told the typical car tab fees would only increase by $43 a year. Everyone was prepared for a slight increase in car tab fees, but voters were shocked by the reality Sound Transit was hiding. For some, car tab fees increased by several hundred dollars.

Legislators brought forth proposals in both the House and the Senate this year. Either proposal would bring some relief while maintaining the crucial funding necessary for transit projects to move forward.

My opponent, the appointed incumbent Senator, voted against relief for Eastside residents. Twice.

I disagree with her on those votes.

A recent survey shows that only 37% of voters would vote yes on Sound Transit’s ballot measure if they had the chance to vote today.

I wholeheartedly support transit and a multi-modal transportation system. I also support accountability for Sound Transit and the Department of Transportation. We must have the trust of taxpayers, and much of that trust has been lost.

If the legislature cannot come to a compromise that brings relief to car owners, I would support an elected - not appointed - Sound Transit Board.