Our state must meet obligations to its citizens including fully funding a top-tier education system, reducing traffic congestion, ensuring healthcare options, and protecting our beautiful environment. Legislators must communicate the value of these services so that voters are able to make informed decisions about which expenditures are worth supporting. Politicians have a responsibility to keep the public engaged about difficult issues.


Our legislature has two parties firmly digging in their heels and refusing to have productive conversations about how to raise enough revenue to meet these obligations.  Long-term success will depend on bipartisan collaboration – this will be crucial in finding a fair path toward reducing dependence on property taxes. 


I am opposed to a state income tax and capital gains tax. Every state that has passed a state income tax has seen quick expansion of that tax to include the middle class. So I believe a vote for any income tax will end up being a vote against middle class paychecks. We should look for realistic solutions for our real challenges.


I am opposed to an increase of business-and-occupations (B&O) taxes, and would support a reduction. An analysis of Washington’s tax systems shows Washington businesses pay 58% of all state and local taxes. We are fortunate to be in a thriving economy for the time being, but it won’t always be like this. Our tax policy should work during times of economic downturn as well.


I am proud to campaign as an individual who is fiscally responsible.  Our citizens bear a high tax burden.  These revenues allow us to plan better transportation, education, and health care systems.  With effort and scrutiny we will be able to live within our means, build and maintain a well-funded infrastructure, have diverse housing opportunities, and enhance our wonderful environment.